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Seduction Made is a new website. We are a self funded, not for profit, group of relationship and life coaching professionals.

The team here figure that with our combined years of experience in the dating/relationship field will help you with the day to day issues that arise in every relationship.

We feel the in depth advice we provide and any similar advice provided by our guest writers, has to enable you to make better and more informed choices in your own relationships.

Occasionally, we may refer you to an external source whom we believe is a renown expert on the topic we are writing about.

Some of these experts may have a book or paid course that they might recommend to you. In most instances, the cost of these information products is less than a tank of gas.

Incredibly, for such a small sum, the advice they provide, could change your life forever!

If you purchase (and only if you purchase) one of these products, the author may pay us a small commission.

These small commissions help fund the many costs associated with running a website like Seduction Made

By partly offsetting the cost of running this site, we are able to continue providing you with up to date and relevant relationship advice.